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World’s Largest LED Screen – 15 March 2017

When it comes to LED Screens, nothing can beat the world’s largest LED-illuminated facade ever installed. Covering an area of 33,000 square meters, this display was installed by engineers on the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, in Dubai. It has since been proposed, as an art project, that these large LED displays showcase silhouettes of architectural monuments from around the world on the facade, including our very own Empire State Building, the London’s Shard, Beijing’s spectacular CCTV Tower, Toronto’s CN Tower, the Petronas Towers and Taipei 101, amongst others.



There is no better way to get your audience’s attention and deliver your message loud and clear than on a large LED screen. Our mobile screens offer superb color and clarity giving your graphics that extra visibility. We have rented our LED walls for weddings, concerts, clubs, theater productions and conferences. The modular screens are totally portable and can be moved easily from one place to another.



Outdoor screens have become an absolute necessity to rent for any live outdoor
sports event or concert. These LED panels give every spectator a front row view making the event an overall success for all.


We are able to supply any size or shape Jumbotron screen at a moment’s notice anywhere in America. The rates for our large outdoor screen rentals are very competitive and flexible. Please feel free to contact us and we will gladly work with you and your event team to find the right combination to fit your needs.

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Mobile screens bring video capabilities into your event whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Our vast selection of versatile outdoor display systems and modular LED screens give you the opportunity to design any shape or size parameter you require.


Outdoor display systems

Our outdoor LED displays produce high quality, dynamic images in vivid colors, with excellent contrasts. Your choice of breathtaking images or videos will enhance any event from corporate presentations, live sports events to massive trade shows and conferences.


Outdoor digital signage

Outdoor digital signage is a dynamic infotainment centerpiece that will take your event to the next level and will make that unequalled connection to your audience. These outdoor advertising displays provide a communication tool that reinforces your message and connects the audience with your unique brand.


Outdoor screens

Mobile View Screens offer a huge choice of large visual displays that will help you target your widest, most appropriate audience for any event. In today’s media rich market outdoor signage and outdoor displays have become a necessity to attract the full attention of your target audience, offering them an all encompassing experience. Outdoor screens are the marketing tool of the future offering endless, exciting ways to show your product in high definition with no disturbance from the weather or sunlight. For a full, all encompassing marketing avenue there is no better choice on the market today that is also so cost effective.


Corner The Market For Your Particular Event With Large Outdoor Displays – January 2017

Mobile View Screens can supply a fully installed solution for large outdoor displays also known as mobile LED screen systems. These large LED screens are mobile and completely versatile and can move anywhere at a moment’s notice. They are used for sports events, retail and shopping centers, leisure and entertainment events, town centers, advertising and education. Mobile LED screens have now become an unrivalled advertising opportunity for any big event, ramping up the excitement level and bringing the images right to the spectators.


Whether you will be using our large screens for outdoor events or our modular panels that join seamlessly to form any size or shape, the quality of pixels will be perfect from practically any distance. Mobile View Screens will complete any event with their outdoor LED displays giving your spectators the ultimate experience in live screening. In today’s competitive market where people’s time is so limited, large outdoor displays are an absolute necessity to corner the market for your particular event.



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4 Reasons Why Renting Large LED Screens and Jumbotrons Has Become a Total Must For Outdoor Events – December 2016

If you’re looking for reliable Large LED screens for rent then Mobile View Screens is the company to hire. Our LED screens for outdoor events offer extremely good quality with their high pixel count. Our large selection of LED screens can be set up in record time and are totally mobile.


Mobile View Screens and displays has targeted 4 IMPORTANT REASONS why renting large LED screens and jumbotrons has become a total must for any indoor or outdoor event.

  • FAN ENGAGEMENT – in this new age of constant social media distraction it has become vital that you have an avenue of total engagement with your audience making it easy and exciting to get their attention. These mobile and modular screens offer the perfect opportunity for digital marketing campaigns.   They are also the best form of  crowd involvement.  To add a fun element you can plan to film the crowd by adding on a camera feed.




  • ADVERTISING REVENUE – Long gone are the days of static poster displays at events, in stores and malls. Our dynamic indoor and outdoor screens have now become a cost effective way to reach your target audience and keep their full attention.




  • VISIBILITY – Large LED screens offer the top choice in visibility for the audience and fans. Our  indoor and outdoor LED screens afford the spectator a perfect front row experience and can be scaled to any size or shape.
  • RELIABILITY – Mobile View Screens are built to withstand wind and rain and have the technical team to back up any issues that may occur.

All round these Mobile View screens and displays offer the best marketing options available for large events.

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Mobile View introduces their new modular, high-resolution screens in its rental inventory – November 2016

MobileViewScreens.com, the indoor and outdoor LED screen rental company, has added high-resolution, cutting edge LED modular screens to its vast inventory of LED display screen rentals. The addition of this high-resolution, indoor and outdoor LED screen technology is a game-changer according to Mobile View President John Sweeney. “With this remarkably portable and high-resolution technology, we can place a high-quality LED screen either indoors or outdoors, at any event you can imagine, in any shape, size or configuration our clients might require.”


Each LED panel or ‘module’ is approximately 3’ x 2 ½ feet, and contains more than 16,000 pixels, that can be assembled into any video format required, or into LED displays for advertising, sporting events, marketing displays or any LED permanent or mobile display application. “Many of our customers are now branching out into varying sizes of large LED screens and displays in order to reach a broader audience in unique and creative applications,” said Sweeney.

While most applications for the LED panels, or modules remain in the standard 16 x 9 broadcast ratio, newer applications are breaking the mold and expanding the tremendous value that these portable and durable LED panels bring to any event.


“The technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and Mobile View’s commitment to the LED modular market keeps us at the forefront of the large LED display screen rental business.” Give Mobile View a call at 303-770-3416 for more information.