Mobile View Screens – Advertising and Promotion

Engaging Large LED Screens

Take advantage of every second of engagement you have in the fleeting moments when people walk by with our large LED screens. Mobile View is more than an electronics company when you broaden your imagination and consider your entire space.

Whether you are planning a special event or you are building an interactive entertainment venue, the pressure to maximize your revenue should be a central part of your process. When every dollar in your budget counts, finding ways to open up new revenue streams can make a difference in your success.

Start a conversation with our team about the size of your location and the message you are trying to convey. We’ll match you with a series of products that fit your needs and your operating budget for the event. There are opportunities to catch the eye of a passerby and deliver an impression they won’t soon forget.

Dynamic Messages and Impactful Ads

We ask about the space involved to serve your unique needs better. Through a smart approach to marketing, you can take a modular LED display and combine it with others to create a wall of messaging that can take you over the top

Advertising Options

Our screens give you the option to tailor your message to the market you serve. Depending on the logistics involved, our screens can continually rotate out new advertising messages that you can sell to increase your revenue. Choose from either a full-screen message or a border option that allows for unobstructed viewing of the live performance. You can reach thousands of passive customers with this approach for a reasonable ongoing fee.

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